Friday, November 24, 2006

Casa Miguel y Noeli, Santa Clara, Cuba

Casa particular
Casa Miguel y Noeli
Leoncio Vidal #1
Primer piso
Entre parque y Maceo
Santa Clara, Villa Clara, Cuba
Tel: +53 142 217444

Miguel and Noeli invite you to their casa particular (bed and breakfast) in the center of Santa Clara (Cuba).
Casa particular Miguel and Noeli is the only casa particular in Santa Clara that has a view of the Parque Vidal, the most important square of the city of Santa Clara. The casa particular offers a great room with two beds, air conditioning and a private bathroom. The room comes equipped with a refrigerator and lots of storage space.
The guests can also use of the living room, the balcony, the dining room and the kitchen. The house offers breakfast, lunch and supper. The prices: 3 CUC for breakfast and about 5 CUC the lunch or dinner (it depends on what you want to eat).
The food is basically Creole and abundant, even vegetarian plates can be served.
The price for the room per night is of 20 CUC in the high season and 15 CUC in the low season.

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pati said...

Cuba real!
Dear backpacker and traveller,
I wondered to find our casa particular in the web. I can pledge you this casa to be one of the nicest all over the island. The habitacion is big, got all you need, tv, airconditioning, balcony (to watch very interesting streetlife), a bathroom... everything is clean. But the best is that you really feel welcome in this house. miguel y noely help you in every way they can. noely is a great cook!
a very nice casa with hospitality and una buena vista of the roof terrace over the park / plaza and the centre of the city.
We are sure we will come back,

Anne y Pati